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Our Maryland  doormat is a very unique way to make a statement. Moxie Mat doormats are the perfect MUST HAVE decorative accessory.  You need it, promise! ☺️



You’ve read that correct.

The paint WILL NOT FADE.


Moxie Mats doormats are made to be left outside. RAIN OR SHINE…not if there’s a hurricane or tornado, you’ll prolly wanna bring your doormat as well as anything else on your porch hahaha.


Normal wear of the actual mat will happen as the mat is exposed to weather. The coir coconut fibers of the mat will naturally darken. This is completely normal! No need to worry or panic.



You need a MOXIE MAT because DUH, they are fabulous. But seriously…


  • Our Mats are carefully and delicately hand painted with high quality outdoor paint with UV protectant mixed into the paint. This ensures the longest and most durable wear out of your mat.
  • Moxie Mats offers hand painted, natural coir fibers from the husks of coconuts.
  •  Our unique designs and vibrant color designs will surely put a smile on your face as well as your guests.


Moxie Mats are the most unique gift for housewarmings, birthdays, baby showers, a just because gift, weddings and the list goes on!



MOXIE MATS come in FOUR sizes


  • Skinny- 12x24 in.
  • Mini- 16x24 in.
  • Standard- 18x30 in.
  • XL- 24x36 in.



 Doormat Care


Take the doormat out of the box. Unroll your mat. Put it at the door. Walk on it. Simple! 😊


To extend the life of your Moxie Mat, shake the mat periodically. Due to the natural coir fibers, mats will darken as they age or are exposed to water. This is VERY NORMAL and to be expected.


Every single Moxie Mat doormat is fade resistant and WILL NOT FADE no matter the weather, rain or shine!