How it All Began


Hey y'all. My name is Stephanie and I'm the creator of Moxie Mats. Born and raised in the midwest and currently living in the metro Atlanta area. The name was inspired by my full of personality Shorkie (half Shih Tzu/half Yorkie) named Moxie. 

I found myself searching for a unique, clever, custom designed, high quality doormat and I could NOT find one. Every doormat I found was either sprayed with a rubber based spray paint or used acrylic paint. I knew those would fade quickly and wouldn't hold up. With my latex allergy, I didn't want to chance a possible reaction.

Sooooo...If you can't find what you're looking for, make it.  RIGHT??

That's EXACTLY how Moxie Mats started.

Moxie Mats are hand painted doormats that are designed not to fade. 

We use HIGH quality outdoor paint. This means our doormats will hold up in most all weather conditions. Using a unique hand painting technique, the coir fibers of the doormat are deeply saturated ensuring the longevity of your doormat. 

Professionally cut stencils mean your design will come out crisp.